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Class of 1967

J O H N   B U R R O U G H S   H I G H   S C H O O L,  B U R B A N K, C A.







Saturday October 13, 2012- Holiday Inn-Crystal View Room

Burbank Media Center-150 E. Angeleno Ave. Burbank, CA 91502

(818) 841-4770 - Cost: $65 Per Person - Hours: 5 pm-12 midnight

Hot/Cold Appetizers served until 8 pm  - No host bar

October 12 – Friday Night at Bob’s Big Boy 6 pm

October 13 – Saturday Night Reunion Party 5pm-12 midnight Holiday Inn – Chrystal View Room

October 14 – Sunday Family Picnic – 12 noon - Johnny Carson Park (maps at reunion)

All pre-paid ticket reservations must be received by  September 1, 2012!

Click here for the reservation form

40th year Class Reunion
October 6th -2007 is now over- get ready for the next one.

Final game of the season - Burbank vs. Burroughs
Dredged out of a dumpster from someone walking by after Burroughs started remodeling the school. Classic cross-town rival match between John Burroughs High coached by Bob Dunivant and Burbank High School. Watch for the famous "Jump Pass". Sorry no audio back then, this was also before the advent of zoom lenses so the camera has a fixed focal length.



Reunion Photos
The 1967 Akela is now available for download
click this link

For more information contact Debbe at

For additions, changes, corrections or new content to the this web site contact Dave White at
 (206) 999-8138 or

"As I Look Through Our Akela...."

Hopeful faces, fears subdued,
Some devoid of mirth.
Show the world we're ready now
To rule o'er all the earth.

Who will know us when we leave here?
Safe haven or dreaded home?
We're off to places far and wide,
Some will always roam.

Years of feeling part of something,
(Or were you alone?).
Friends and fun times, way of life,
For some a comfort zone.

Others may have felt adrift there
No connection, joy or care.
We all have history in those halls,
So many memories to share.

Forty years and much has changed,
But much remains the same.
We all went out and spread our wings,
But CAN come home again.

No judgments made (we're all too old),
Just camaraderie,
Fellow classmates, humans all,
The Burroughs Family.

As in a game of hide and seek,
When "it" can't find us all,
Let's all come out on this free pass,
Our home base awaits the call....
"Ollie ollie oxen free!!"

Jan Frishette Broneer

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