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Class of 1967

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So-Cal Cruise night at Bob's

Bob's Big Boy Menu from 1962
Burgers for .50 cents
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After the Willow Springs track day, GM wowed the locals at the Friday night cruise at Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake with the new 2008 Camaro prototype, then again on Saturday morning at Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach. ("HOT ROD" magazine - 08/2007 issue)

Bob's Big Boy Restaurant opened in Burbank 1940 and was located at 624 S. San Fernando Boulevard.
From left to right: Arnold Peterson, car hops, and Bob Wian.


The Bob's Big Boy Restaurant at 4211 Riverside Drive in Burbank, California, is the oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy in the United States. Built in 1949 by local residents Scott MacDonald and Ward Albert, it was designed by noted Los Angeles architect Wayne McAllister, "incorporating the 1940's transitional design of streamline modern style, while anticipating the freeform 50's coffee shop architecture. The towering Bob's sign is an integral part of the building design and its most prominent feature."[1]

The restaurant was designated a California Point of Historical Interest in 1993.