"Catch Another Life"

Words and Music  Bob Bennett  1987

It's over, we've had a lot of fun together but it can't go on I'll miss you,
the simple
fun while on the run my innocence is gone

So much love, so little time, pleasure pain and strife
Souls in rhyme, catch you another life

I'm sorry, the world's more complicated than it has a right to be
And people, should take the time to know each other then let each one free

Your could dare, with all my faults, cut me like a knife 
L'll be there, catch you another life

I met you just passing through when I was just a boy
You said let's be friends, what a pleasant ploy
 Thinking of the time together, growing as we tried
Your folks didn't know, my folk would have cried

I'll miss you, each morning when I wake up and another day begins
 Remember, how much we've gained through all the pain, our live will start again

You should know, just how I feel, we'll get through all right So I'll go, catch you another life