Words and Music by Brook Hall, Phil Kasper, Bob Bennett

"The Riptides" had broken up but they still had the band members hanging around Burbank. Phil Kasper's neighbor, Brook Hall, wanted to record a song that she had written that was in the Gracie Slick genre. Phil contacted Bob and Tommy and a recording session was set up with Brook's mother paying for the session and the three former bandmates' backing track.

The song was recorded in a small studio in North Hollywood. Phil and Bob worked on some of the music, lyrics, and harmonies, thereby completing the song for Brook. Phil played guitars, including a rather contemporary fuzz lead, bass, background vocals and production. Bob played the studio organ, including a rather boring solo, background vocals, and production ideas. Tommy played his usually perfect drum part.

Nothing special was to become of this song other than Brook would have a copy of the song that she had written. But a strange thing happened, the engineer and owner of the studio shopped the tape around to some record companies hoping to cash in on the song without the writers/performers ever knowing about it. It was copied by an inferior group of musicians and released on Target Records. The song tanked, but it would have been interesting if the song had charted.