"I Couldn't Love You Again"

Words and Music by Harley Hatcher

Hatcher was a singer-songwriter who teamed up with Producer Mike Curb to write many songs for B-rated exploitation movies ofthe mid-sixties. These included songs in the movies "Thunder Alley", "Psych-Out", "The Trip", and "The Wild Racers". "I Couldn't Love You Again" was on the shelf and Curb thought it might fit "The Riptides" surfing style harmonies sound.

Well played, sung, and recorded by Bill Cooper, (Richie Podolor's chief engineer), the song stayed on the shelf. Note Tommy Howells fine drumming and his copy of the "Lovin Spoonful's" drummer in "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice". The full band played on the track and Mike Curb provided the Ah OOO OOO Ah Ah Ah Ah's in the background.