"Last Wave of the Day"

The Riptides Words and Music by Mike Curb and Robert Carl Cohen From the original motion picture soundtrack: "Mondo Hollywood"
Tower DT-5083

"Last Wave of the Day" was recorded in South Los Angeles at a studio that recorded Terry Stafford's song "Suspicion". "The Righteous Brothers" also recorded their Moonglow sessions there. The song was a surfing, harmony song that had the usual Mike Curb commercial sound. Phil Kasper sang the lead vocal and performed the song perfectly. The band, minus a bass player, played the backing track as per the music as written. But missing the quality of the previous recordings at American Studios, and minus a bass player, the song did not rise to the overall sound of the previous Riptides recordings.

Although adequate, it would show a new short cut method that Curb would adapt for his movie soundtracks. Too bad, it was a decent song. You can hear Phil's Fender Jazzmaster maintaining a foot tapping rhythm throughout the song. There are also snippets of Riptides throughout the movie track. A terrible movie, but "The Riptides" helped elevate the quality of the generally awful soundtrack.