"Shady Lady"

Words and Music by Bob Bennett and Phil Kasper

"Shady Lady" was the only band-written collaboration that was formally recorded. Produced by Clancy B. Grass, a writer and producer of some unknown B-rated movies, the song was the last song recorded under Sidewalk Record's contract.

Using the Hollywood studio used in "Golden Breed", the production was better and the engineering was more thorough. Phil had the original idea for the song and Bob provided some lyrics and the bridge. The band performed the song with their usual professional ethic. Bob provided the bass which was plugged into the control board directly, bypassing an amp.

The lyrics were a metaphor about marijuana. Not too original, but fun to do an in house tune. The song survives today, and it fun to listen to how good "The Riptides" could be as musicians. Phil's lead guitar intro sounds great. The song was never released. And "The Riptides" as a recording band ended.