"What Turns You On"

Words and Music by Guy Hemric and Jerry Styner
 From the original motion picture soundtrack:
"The Golden Breed" Capitol ST-2886

"The Golden Breed" soundtrack was the first time that "The Riptides" did not play on a record. Studio musicians were used instead. "What Turns You On" was sung by Bob Bennett. His voice was overdubbed on this slow, safe, and pedantic tune. The backing track had a flute intro, Curb decided to use studio vocalists to do the background vocals instead of the band, too bad. The band always did those background vocals well.

A horn section was added to give the song some added punch which it sorely needed. Recorded at a brand new studio in the heart of Hollywood, there were now eight tracks to play with to get a better blend. But the sound was only a slight improvement from the "Last Wave" session. The song was released in Stereo on Capitol. The movie was a very good surfing movie.
It is still available today.