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Class of 1967

J O H N   B U R R O U G H S   H I G H   S C H O O L, B U R B A N K, C A






Throttler's Car Show at Johnny Carson Park Oct. 7th

Best Cars  of 1967 and Reader's Rides

Eric Blomdahl"s 56' 2 door hardtop in front of his house on Clark
Don't miss the wild ride with John Cherry and Tim McCorkle

You and I, and Tommy Howell all  had "Bug Eye" Sprites.  The other is a picture of a VW bus I got in 1968,  As I remember Bill Simmons made some sort of a trade, he got my 1957 Chevy Bel Air and I got the van.   Not sure who got the better deal.  But if that Van could talk,,,,,There would be some wild stories about.....................!!!!!

Dave thinks he's just as cool as Steve McQueen in 1968

1964 MGB

I am sending this for Evans Neumann. He is running this junior fuel dragster up and down the West Coast these days. It is particularly appropriate for the cars section as it is a "Nostalgia" class car. It is designed to be as close to the 60's period as is practical. It is front engine with the driver sitting on the pumpkin (differential). The rules also state that the injectors have stacks and that it has zoomie tube exhaust, all very 60's style. David Caya

Evans Neumann (third from left in background)

National Class record - 7.16 sec @186.53 mph

I had a beautiful black Chevy Malibu (64') with mag wheels and hurst 4-speed.  "I LOVED THAT CAR."  It was only a 283 but it sounded great. I really cared as much as any guy did...guess that comes from having 3 brothers.  Much better than Vicki's Mustang which was really her step-moms.  I owned my car (nah nah nah).  Yeah my brother would definitely let me take his car.  He always lets me take his Corvette ZO or whatever it's called.  A lotta power in that car, fun to drive. Vee (Paul) Proietti

Vee's Malibu

Vicki Bailey's 1966 Mustang Fastback

My brother Ron did own a 1964 Volvo P1800 but it was a coupe not a wagon.  He let me drive it a few times--very fast!  He'd bend his fiberglass vaulting  pole over the top and tie it down on both sides bumper to bumper.  I use to do the same until I lost a bag of poles on the Long Beach Freeway one day when one of the ropes broke.  The bag was run over by a diesel truck (5 poles destroyed at $300.00 a pole--Ouch!)
My first car was a 1959 TR3a.  I paid $600.00 for it.  Lots of fun but not very reliable.  It also got me into a lot of trouble.  Lots of tickets.  I even tried to "out run the cops" one morning on my way to L.A. State thru Griffith Park - I lost.  I sold it in the early '70's for $550.00.  A couple years ago down in San Diego in an exotic car show room I saw the same car for $26,000.00.

Steve and Mae in Steve's 1959 TR3a
I've owned and operated a driving school here in Santa Barbara for the past 31 years so I've owned quite a few cars.  As you can imagine we beat up driver training cars pretty good.  If you're looking for a reasonable priced and economical car that will go forever, my vote is for the Toyota Corrolla.
I own a couple of "classic cars".  One is a 1966 Porsche 912 (sometimes called the poor man's porsche or the VW made to look like a porsche).  I also just recently restored a 1973 VW BUS.  It's two-tone (yellow and lime green with a blue stripe around the middle)  People honk at me and give the "peace sign".  Little kids chase me down the block because they think I'm "Scooby Do".  I often ask myself "What would Scooby Do?
Steve Morris

Paul Biddle brings back fond memories.  He had the coolest circa 1950 Studebaker in high school.  I felt his "pain" since I owned a ' 55 Buick Century, my lst car.  Mid 50's Fords & Chevys were the cars of choice in high school.  Popularity seemed to be directly proportional to one's vehicle.  I'm still the odd man out today with a stock ' 36 Ford while my peers are collecting 60's muscle cars.... Lloyd Zimmer

Lloyd and family in his 36' Ford Rumble Seat Roadster

Do you mean something like cruising Sunset with another girl and a friend Jeff Hansen class of 64?  Pitching an empty beer can out the window and accidentally hitting a biker who proceeded to drag Jeff from the car and threaten to beat the snot out of him.  We groveled and begged and they let him go.   Kathy Buckles

My 1959 bug eye sprite of course.  It was not as sweet as yours though.  Dave, you've created a monster .Thanks, I'm having a blast. Phil Kasper
My favorite car is there! The Austin Healy. The Chevelle Super Sport exactly like I owned in 1968 too! Except mine was yellow. Frank (Belcher) Baker

Pontiac Firebird

A 67 Firebird, yellow with black leather interior, 326 V-8.  Not really fast but very smooth, a great car to cruise in, no problems, always started, a shame that I wrecked it. I wish I could brag about what happened in the back seats but not much happened that I can remember.
Ted Nicholson


Austin Healey
Bug-eyed Sprite




Austin Healy


Shelby Cobra

Shelby GT500

Pontiac GTO



Porsche 911/912
Belvedere GTX