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Class of 1967


J O H N   B U R R O U G H S   H I G H   S C H O O L, B U R B A N K, C A


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    Pages 9-12

First Row  - Donna Pentland, Sue Jefferies, Margie Koch, Cheryl Carter, Chris Schott
Second Row - Jim Ricard, Richard Buss
Third Row - Debbe Walcott, Lubeth Phil, George Brown, Diane Sanders


Redskin Varsity Offense
First Row - Hank Reisner, Jerry Lee, Dan McGinley, Tom Babagian, Rudy Mauer, Al Pardo, Chuck Morrow
Second Row - Craig Canfield, Dave Hormuth, Pat Ford, Dick Sheppard, Mike Ericson

Ken Bierman (Backfield), Bob Dunivant (Head Coach), Randy Edwards (Line)

Up Front
(L to R) Hank Reisner, Al Pardo, Rudy Mauer, Dan McGinley, Tom Babagian, Jerry Lee, and Bob Lauerman

Defensive Giants
Pardo, Mauer, McGinley, Babagian, Lee

Mike Bunch, Larry Phoenix, and Dave White after winning the Keppel Game in 1966
(Mike looks like he's in lineup for a mug shot, Larry's pissed off as usual and I'm in a state of oxygen depravation)

Braves B Team
Back Row - Mike Bunch, Larry Phoenix, Dave White, Steve DeSantis