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Class of 1967

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In Memory of...
Ode to Tommy Howell by David White

Thomas Leon Howell     1949-2005

Hi David,
My twin sister and I went to the other school on the hill (Burbank High).  We knew Tom Howell very well.  In fact he was going with me before he asked my sister to go steady.  Anyway, we were quite devastated when we read of his death in your memory section. We made it a quest to try to find his final resting place.
With the minds of a sleuth we tried to find any funeral notices in Burbank during that time.  Then my sister remembered that his father had been buried at the Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn.  After inquiring at the front desk we found out that sure enough, Tom was buried there too. We found his headstone in front of the little white church. 
We read on your memory page that the date of his death was March 2006.  But that is not correct. I know so because Tom always called my sister on our birthday in December.  He did not call her in December 2005.  I am attaching a picture of his headstone to further substantiate this fact. I hope you will correct this on your memory page as we all loved Tom very much, what ever school we went too. 
Thanks Carol Nicholls.  My twin sister's name is Cathy-(08/20/07)
Tommy was born in Pontiac, Michigan on March 23, 1949. The family moved to California when he was nine months old and eventually settled in Burbank. He graduated in 1967 from John Burroughs High School. While in high school he played in the marching band, ran track, and played football. Tommy and his best friend, Steve Segner, got into plenty of mischief. Tommy's dad would have to bail them out of their many river-road racing escapades that went astray. Tommy attended Pierce College. For the past 25 years, he was employed as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Hydro-Air. One of his many accomplishments included designing the braking system for the space shuttle. He loved being front and center at many of the shuttle landings.
Tommy had an eye for art, an ear for music, as well as a photographic memory. Tommy was definitely not short on talents, just in stature. He dearly loved his dog Laddie. They've been faithful companions for several years taking their daily twilight hikes in the hills near his home. For the past ten years Tommy became an avid junk shopper and ventured to many swap meets on most weekends. He often found one -of-a-kind treasures, well at least they were treasures in his eyes. 
Tommy was always available to others, gave freely of himself and had a special fondness for animals. He is survived by his mother, Rowena Howell, brother Jerry Howell, and sister Alice Howell. Services were held at The Little White Chapel in Burbank.
Rick Sebo, his wife Debbie, Dann Drees and myself attended the services on Wednesday. There was over 200 in attendance. We will miss you Tommy.
Debbe Walcott Blomdahl

It was 1964. We we're living American Grafitti: at Zuma Beach, at Bob's  Big Boy, at Griffith Park, at the river road, at Snow Valley, at Pickwick Drive In, in our living rooms watching Ed Sullivan. There was a talent show at Jordan Jr. High School. Our band was called the Riptides. Tommy Howell, Bob Bennett, Ron Record and myself. When we played "Do You Love Me" the crowd went wild and we we're rock stars for an afternoon. It was a great moment and a great time to be alive. We will miss you Tommy.  
Phil Kasper

Classmate Nancy Burba Kornegay writes us with sad news.  Leon Beauchemin, her long time mate, has passed away from colon cancer  - August 2003.  Paul Solomon wrote and sang a beautiful song in his honor.  Vern Willis came all the way from Wasington state to attend. Nancy adds it was a beautiful closure.
Leon V. Beauchemin
 November 10, 1934  -  August 31, 2003

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the loss of another classmate. Randal "Randy" Garham, an employee of NBC Studios for 27 years, passed away on March 13, 2003 in Burbank.

David White writes:
Marshall Gilbert passed away last year (2004) and is survived by his wife Jody and two adopted children.
I have a little Bob Patterson story.  In summer of '64 we (Dave White, me, Steve Keith, Corky Buseth, Eric Blomdahl) played on a baseball team with our main rivals being a team of ( Steve Spencer, Mark Sternfels, Patterson, Randy Bowman et al). Bob didn't have a hit thru the first 5 or 6 games and I was at his house on a day we were going to face them.  I was giving Bob all kinds of trash talk, I was going to pitch against him that day. Well, the first pitch I threw him he lined back up the middle for his first hit that season. We had a good laugh about it, even as he stood on first base. Actually, I was kind of glad he got that hit. He was my friend and I felt for him being hitless to that point. - Frank (Belcher) Baker

Big Bob By Bill Simmons - written April, 2002

It hurt to hear of Bob Patterson's untimely death. Since moving east ten
years ago, our paths crossed less frequently. However, the memories of great times together over four decades are as vivid today as if they happened yesterday. They all have a common theme - adventure and belly laughs. Bob would not have it any other way. I'll note just a few of mine with the hope of stirring a memory or two you your own.

As Daily Review "Paperboy of the Year" Bob could consistently porch a new paper from 50 feet. Beyond 50 feet however, broken windows were comic relief.  He often managed a straight A report card without feeling a need to study. As an Audio Visual Assistant, Bob perfected the art of stretching a 15 minute film through an entire class period.

He could cover the clock with spit wads undetected from 20 feet.
He had a frog voice that made children buckle with laughter.
He could speak Pig Latin Spanish fluently - obviously the center of attention at Mexican Restaurants and Bars.
They had to rewrite the fraternity house rules after Bob joined.
He would carry his golf bag in the cart to make room for his ice chest and beer on the back.
He could sneak his 90-lb. Labrador into New York's finest hotels. A room service steak dinner for his "buddy" always followed.
And then the incredible Helicopter Skiing adventures!!!

Bob was a great friend who lived life large. He wouldn't want to be remembered any other way.

We will miss Big Bob.

Larry Baughman Steve Korenthal

Kathy Blaze Gene Madsen

Linda Coble

Laurel Mills
Susan Conway

Herbert Nero  
John Dickey

Babette Davis
(Brain tumor)

Bob Patterson
(Heart attack)
Patty Devlin

Jonas Petras

Trudy (Day) Record

Sandra Rosales

Charlotte Richardson

Sue Sheeler

Ken Dewey

Bruce Smith

Cliff Dunderland

Donna Stivers
Danny Fido

Alhard Thielman
Thomas Frith-Smith (aneurysm)

Carmen Vairo
Randy Garhan

Joe White
Tommy Howell
(Heart attack)

David Vander Decker

Marshall (Glenn) Gilbert (seizure)

Tamara Wong
Norm Jensen

Helen Zwirzenski