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Big Bob By Bill Simmons - written April, 2002

It hurt to hear of Bob Patterson's untimely death. Since moving east ten
years ago, our paths crossed less frequently. However, the memories of great times together over four decades are as vivid today as if they happened yesterday. They all have a common theme - adventure and belly laughs. Bob would not have it any other way. I'll note just a few of mine with the hope of stirring a memory or two you your own.

As Daily Review "Paperboy of the Year" Bob could consistently porch a new paper from 50 feet. Beyond 50 feet however, broken windows were comic relief.  He often managed a straight A report card without feeling a need to study. As an Audio Visual Assistant, Bob perfected the art of stretching a 15 minute film through an entire class period.

He could cover the clock with spit wads undetected from 20 feet.
He had a frog voice that made children buckle with laughter.
He could speak Pig Latin Spanish fluently - obviously the center of attention at Mexican Restaurants and Bars.
They had to rewrite the fraternity house rules after Bob joined.
He would carry his golf bag in the cart to make room for his ice chest and beer on the back.
He could sneak his 90-lb. Labrador into New York's finest hotels. A room service steak dinner for his "buddy" always followed.
And then the incredible Helicopter Skiing adventures!!!

Bob was a great friend who lived life large. He wouldn't want to be remembered any other way.

We will miss Big Bob.


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