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J O H N   B U R R O U G H S   H I G H   S C H O O L, B U R B A N K, C A


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Leila Asher and husband Rich
 ( 31 years )

Tom, Paul, and Sherry Babagian with the Seattle Space Needle in the background

Phyllis Balizer now Kim Lawrence

Frank Belcher and his sister Karen (class of 64')
Mary Tesoro (far right picture - class of '70)

Bob and Kathy Bennett

Debbe (Walcott) and Eric Blomdahl
(37 yrs)

Paul Broneer and wife Janet (Frishette) 38 years


George and Donna Brown  
Ester (Bube) Brunswick and husband Ron (34 yrs)

Cheryl Carter

Jan Chronert and her daughter Toni

Ronda (Cone) Olson and Glenn (33 yrs)

Son Kelby and daughter Tami

Sharyn (Davis) Quinn

Margo Dean

Margarita (Elliott) and Chris (25 yrs)

(10 yrs. ago, that's cheating!)

David Friedlander

Victor Georgino

Tee Guidotti and his wife Donna Marie
(14 years)

Priest Gary Hall
Dean of Seabury  Seminary in Chicago

Howie Harris  
Bonnie (Howard) Adamick and John (36 yrs)

Jerry and Jeri (Clark- class of 68') Lee (37 years)

Janet Leser and husband Mike
(25 years)

Janet, her daughter Susie and Rafael Nadal at the U.S. Open

Larry and Sue Linder

Linda Logan  
Phil Kasper and wife Lynn
(16 years)

Heather Menzies and  actor Robert Urich (passed away 2002)

Heather is 3rd from right
(Heather played Louisa in the "Sound of Music" - 1965)


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