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Class of 1967

J O H N   B U R R O U G H S   H I G H   S C H O O L, B U R B A N K, C A







Philon's 1967 - Vicky Babchuck President - Corky Buseth mascot

Philons 1967 - Dorthy Bisbano President - Corky Buseth mascot

Philon's 1966 - Ken Swink mascot

Philons -1966 - Betty Jo Thorp President - Ken Swink mascot

Row 1  Vee Paul, Joy Sotlile, Jackie Walker, Betty Jo Thorp, Carol Zarini, Lynn Merhof, Candy Gregos
Row 2  Kathy Strang, Bev Carden, Terry Hogarth, Ken Swink (Mascot), Maggie Banta, ?????, Marti Strobel
Row 3  Sharon Davis, Vicki Babchuck, Chris Whitfield, ???????, Kathy DeRoo, Dorothy Bisbano, Linda Crawford
Row 4  Linda Stone, Cheryl Roby, Susan Buckley, Robin Klinginsmith, Patricia Martin, Bonnie Albertson (?), Linda Coble, Patty Lightstone

        Fifinella's Spring 67' - Cheryl Carter President - Jeff Kurtz mascot                       

Fifinella's - Winter 66' - Debbe Walcott President

Fifinella's Spring 1966

   Fifinellas (1966-1967?)

Mascot lying prone - Jeff Kurtz
 Row 1-- Pam Tyler, Debbe Wolcott, Lee Ann Dunham, Linda Logan (with Sombero), Cheryl Cater, Donna Pentland
 Row 2-- 1x, 2x, Mary Spiro (sunglasses) or Silvia Berry(?) or Marty Stroble(?), 4x, Mary Beth Hausfeld, Sandy Svos, Marguerite Elliott
 Row 3-- Christine Coleman, 2x, 3x, Teresa Bradbury, 5x
 Row 4-- Glory Bachelor (?), Jan Liljegren, 3x, Laurel Mills (?), Donna Vossmeyer(?), Angie Binda, 7x, 8x.

Please help with the missing names above if you can - email Debbe with your guess.

Shi Delta's (1967) -Paddee Hilyer President - Tommy Howell mascot

Shi Delta's (1966-1967) - Dianne Sanders President - Dennis Stacy mascot

Row 1 - #4 Dianne Sanders, #5 Chris Schott
Row 2 - Mascot - Dennis Stacy, #7 Cathy Rademacher (?)
Row 3 - #3
Mary Beth Hausfeld,#4 Becky Cassidy, #5 Karen Skrederskru, #7 Paddee Hilyer
Row 4 - #3 Sue Buckley

Dianne Sanders explains how these sororities were run:

"One had to be nominated by someone in the sorority and then voted in by the majority. Diana Rodgers nominated me.  She was a song leader, a year older than us. She married the JBHS star basketball player, Wayne Treloggen and had 2 wonderful children. The function of the sorority system was to have a girls club, regular meetings at girls homes, volunteer a bit, organize bake sales and car washes in order to raise money to rent a place in San Diego, Balboa, etc. for a well chaperoned Easter week.  I was never aware of any drinking or wild partying back then. I was quite modest as were most of the other girls."

Shi Delta's (1964-1965)

Row 1
Row 2 - #1 Toni Varney(?), #2 Chris Schott, #3 Paddee Hilyer
Row 3 - #1 Dianne Sanders
Row 4 - #1, #2 Leila Asher, #5 Patsy Conrad,far right - Janet Leser
Unknown Mascot