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Class of 1967

J O H N   B U R R O U G H S   H I G H   S C H O O L, B U R B A N K, C A



Heather Menzies, Sandy Mercer, Margo, Margee Burke & Jan (kneeling)

Margee, Heather, & Jan (photo submitted by Margo Dean)

Mary Ann Perez, Valerie Salinas, and Vee Paul (1966)

Corky Buseth and Bill Simmons on Prom night

Finally after months and months of pestering, an early shot of Debbe and Eric
What great smiles from both of them

Linda Logan 1967




This was supposed to be a "chaperoned" graduation trip to Hawaii organized, I believe, by Frank Sullivan's mom.  Believe me it wasn't too
chaperoned!  I believe there were people from other schools, too.
left top x,x, Steve Spencer,x,x, Rick Tempesta, Janet Leser, Colleen Walker,x, Mike Fann
Far right second row x,x,x, Frank Sullivan
Front row right Kathy Rademacher
My favorite part of the trip, other than the boys, was getting bikinis made from any material you wanted for $10.
Janet (Leser) Bafico

Mike Fann as a girl (what's that he's holding? A water balloon that he's going to use elsewhere?)
submitted by Janet (Leser) Bafico
"Damn, Fann makes a fine female, he's lucky I never saw that pic in HS - Larry Linder"

The last time the Riptides played - Party at Dave White's House
Left to Right (Corky Buseth, Teresa Bradbury, Steve Keith, Sherry Atteberry, Bob Bennett, Marshall Gilbert, Dave White

Bill Simmons trying in vain to explain to Cathy Rademacher that everything is fine.
"Bill you always do that, why can't you treat me with respect for once?"

"Flower Drum Song"

"Make Believe" the musical, written by Gilda Stratton, music by Rob Bowers

Gary Hall as the  Robot and John Collins as Captain Comet

Kathy Lightstone (?) as the Princess and John Collins as Captain Comet

Verne Willis, Nancy Burba and I formed a Peter Paul and Mary derived trio in 9th grade at Jordan. Next year, at Burroughs, we added a couple of members: Lee Kriske and Pam Funkhauser, class of 65'.   Lee had a friend named Leon Beauchemin. They were both in a car club, The Road Kings, I think. Leon was a photographer who had done a lot of promo shots for Bob Keane, the owner and producer of Del-Fi and Mustang Records and some other indy labels.

Leon brought us to Bob, and we ended up getting signed and recording and releasing a couple of 45's. We did a few shows around California, opening for the Sun-Rays, Jesse Fuller, and The Bobby Fuller Four. We ended up taking Leon's last name as our band name. It means "beautiful road" or "beautiful way" in French. Unfortunately, it was unpronounceable if you didn't know French. We should have spelled it "Bo-Shay-Mins". On our second 45, Bob changed our name to "The Tree Toppers" which we didn't find out about until we saw the record!

Nancy and Leon got married, had two girls, and despite an eventual divorce, remained close friends until Leon's death a couple of years ago.

In this photo we are from top to bottom: Lee Kriske, Verne Willis, Paul Marshall (Solomon), Nancy Burba, Pam Funkhauser.

All the best,

Paul Marshall Solomon

Lucky Thirteen- Burroughs Beauties competing for 1966 Football Queen comprise a lucky thirteen number.
Bottom row: (from left) Sharyn Davis, Teresa Bradbury, Debbe Walcott, Margie Koch.
Center row: Paddee Hillyer, Sue Jeffress, Vickee Victor, and Diane Glickman.
Top Row: Sue Buckley, Jeri Clark, Debbie Carter, Laurel Mills, and Dianne Sanders. Winner will be announced at rally this afternoon.


And the winner is.............

Debbe, Dianne, and Sue Buckley

Vee Paul (1965)

Mike Fann, Frank Sullivan, & Phil Kasper